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LOOK WELL AHEAD | Advanced Driving 4 Africa
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Always be sure that you can see the road up ahead for at least 15 seconds from your current position. This will ensure that you have enough space and time to make safe and quick decisions should an emergency situation arise and react to danger. Where possible, you can double the distance to 30 seconds. The further you can see up ahead the better your awareness. If you cannot see 15 seconds ahead, consider slowing down, but do check your rear-view mirror for tailgaters. If you practice this awareness whilst driving it will become a habit. Looking 15 seconds ahead allows drivers the time to react early resulting in the following benefits:
a) Reduced fuel consumption
b) Less brake an tyre wear
c) Reduced clutch, gearbox and drive train wear
d) Reduced chance of being rear ended
e) Less chance of being hijacked due to less time spent stationery
The ideal way to execute an economical stop- or moving-off exercise is to imagine that there is a glass full of water on the vehicle’s dash-board and when you stop or move-off, no water should be spilled from the glass.

When slowing down towards a hazard, do not use the gears to slow you down, with other words, do not gear down from top gear to first gear. Just ease off on the accelerator, use the brakes early enough to slow down and stop in gear at the stop-street. Do not engage neutral or drive with your foot on the clutch pedal while approaching the stop line.